Your Guide to the Perfect Summer Cruise Destination to Singapore

genting dream cruise

With the inception of the summer vacation, children already anticipate a fun vacation with their parents. Honestly, summer break can never be complete without a bit of adventure or bonding. Hence, what can be a great way to make them happy without a trip to a safari park or a fun sail through some unique waterway.

Consider opting for a genting dream cruise trip for touring Singapore tour this year. One of the popular travel agents have come up with unique itineraries you can have a look at. Thus, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Singapore sentosa island

The sentosa island is one of the must visit destinations in the Singapore city. It is located almost about a 100 yards away from the mainland and you can simply visit this island as part of your cruise journey. There are a wide range of amusement options available at the island ranging from unique rides to even gazing through the picturesque destination, etc.

On arriving the island you can also see a dolphin lagoon where you can feed them, play with them, etc.

Trip to Malacca

You can also visit the historic world heritage site of Malacca. It is a quaint city with an abundance of breath taking sites and rich heritage. If you’re visiting Singapore then don’t miss the chance to have a look through the city and absorb its unique architectural heritage and culture.

malacca tour packages

Adults and kids alike will love to visit this place and breathe in the beauty and the aroma of the culinary delights that it has to offer.

Thus, for those parents who want to make their children happy by visiting Singapore this year can get in touch with renowned tour operators for the same. You’ll be guided regarding the genting dream cruise Singapore and all its amenities for the same.

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